Swimmers who are good Teammates


Good teammates are thoughtful of their fellow swimmers. They celebrate with teammates over their achievements and empathize with their shortfalls. They genuinely encourage each other even when they are somewhat discouraged.

Smart teammates get to know each other and do the right things to help. They won’t wait for you to ask them to be their counter for the 500 Free - they’ll ask you if they can count for you. They remind you of things you would otherwise forget and help “keep your straight.”

Smart teammates will always speak well of others on their team - even if they are disappointed in your behavior; they will tactfully admonish you to get you back on track. They never bad-mouth each other and bite their tongue when tempted.

Swimmers who are Smart teammates give credit to others first and are able to take credit for their own achievements from a perspective that credits their teammates.

SMART Swim Programs recognizes “Most Valuable Teammates” by considering thoughtful recommendations from parents and team members. Recommendations may be made at any time and cite the reasons to support the recommendation. Approved most valuable teammates will receive a certificate and special prize selected by the coaching staff.

Swimmer selected for “Most Valuable Teammate” (2013 - 2014):

Natalie Standard, Our Lady of Mercy High School

Swimmer selected for “Most Valuable Teammate” (2012 - 2013):

Hannah Kim, Bethlehem Elementary

Swimmer selected for “Most Valuable Teammate” (2011 - 2012):

Saraj Ventura, Home School

Swimmer selected for “Most Valuable Teammate” (2010 - 2011):

Hannah Faber, St John’s the Evangelist School

Swimmer selected for “Most Valuable Teammate” (2009 - 2010):

Saraj Ventura, Community Christian School