1.   SMART is aligned with the Southside Seals (SSS) a year-around USMS Club: SSS are a branch of the Greater Georgia Swim Team (GAJA).  Our practices are held at the Steve Lundquist Aquatic Center in Clayton County during the same times our youth swimmers practice. Southside Seals have practices at Kedron Aquatic Center in Peachtree City. Swimmers wanting to compete can swim in Georgia meets in as members of SSS and across the nation as part of GAJA. We welcome fitness swimmers and triathletes also - competition is not required.

  1. You don’t have to train with SMART to join USMS or SSS. Many adults have schedules that don’t allow you to join our practices, but you can still be part of the team. Many USMS swimmers train at gyms or recreation centers with times that fit into their schedule.

Join USMS and SSS on-line:       “JOIN USMS”         

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SMART (Southside Seals (SSS)

US Masters Swimming (USMS)

Meet Schedule: see the Georgia LMSC website