Swimmers who are Respectful


Respectful swimmers appreciate the support they receive from their parents, coaches, teammates and members of the community.

SMARTswimmers have respect for the sport of swimming, the facilities they use and the equipment they train with. They are grateful for the opportunities they are provided and humble about the awards and recognition they earn.

Respectful swimmers are good sportsmen and women; although competitive and striving for victory in each race, they respect their opponents abilities and are not resentful in defeat. They congratulate the winners of races they swim in, whether that person is a teammate or someone from another team. Respectful swimmers do not whine or complain - they handle unfair situations calmly and bring issues to their coaches for resolution. When decisions do not favor them, the decisions are accepted and the respectful swimmer moves on to the next challenge.

SMARTswimmers who are respectful will be selected by the Head Coach based on a history of respectful behavior. The Head coach will endorse the outstanding character of the respectful swimmer by the appropriate correspondence to a school, job supervisor or individual chosen by the swimmer.

Swimmers who would like a written endorsement should contact the Head Coach directly by phone, email or in person.