Swimmers who are Motivated


Motivated swimmers take the initiative to work hard in practice and become the best swimmers possible. They always try to swim faster and improve their technique.

The SMART swim program recognizes the consistently motivated swimmer by reviewing the improvement in race times. Although even the most self-motivated swimmers will hit plateau’s periodically in their racing, their motivation will keep them seeking a breakthrough - if not by more yardage and harder swimming, through better flexibility, dry-land strength training, better diet and sleep habits. Motivated swimmers will evaluate themselves, seek advice from their coaches and apply it. Motivated swimmers participate in their development.

The award for SMARTswimmers who can achieve faster racing times in 4 different events during a season (or compared to the previous season - e.g. spring compared to winter or fall) will earn a $20 credit toward their next season tuition. You will earn this award even if it takes more than two seasons to achieve improvement in 4 events.

If the SMART coaches do not recognize this achievement, the motivated swimmer will bring it to our attention, citing the dates of previous best times and new best times for the four events.

SMARTswimmers who have achieved this award are:

4 Event Improvement Record - 1st, 2nd & 3rd awards

4 Event Improvement Record - 4th, 5th & 6th awards